Education and Public Sector

We are all too familiar with the scenario within the Education sector and Public Sectors, Rising numbers of staff, increase in costs and budgets being cut. This doesn’t mean you have to cut back on the equipment your purchasing or getting the bare minimum to get you by. At LanPartsDirect we believe that getting the right kit for the job is key! With used and refurbished kit, it means you can buy the switch, the server or even the desktops you require just at a lower cost per unit.

It is a myth that on used and refurbished kit you cannot get the support you need, or warranties on items purchased. We have this covered, we can give optional support or warranty packs on any of our goods which we sell to you not leaving you exposed to any issues.

With the mounting pressures of performing business as usual tasks with a shrinking team and budget to go along with it we offer options for any budget and any requirement.

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