Juniper Hardware

LanPartsDirect Limited is a Authorised Reseller of Juniper hardware and licensing.

How are we different to other Juniper resellers?

  1. We have worked with Juniper hardware for over 10 years.
  2. Our team has many years dealing providing specialized advice and guidance to make sure what you purchase fit your company needs.
  3. We provide solutions advice and assist with designs if required.

Juniper is one of the Market leaders in providing top of the range Routers, Switches and Firewalls among many other solutions that they provide.

Why choose Juniper?

  1. Juniper is gaining ground and keeping it within the market.
  2. All hardware has been built from the ground up with performance and speed in mind. They are achieved this by creating a ASICs circuit, this is designed to do the heavy lifting within a router/switch otherwise it would have been dealt with in the software layer.
  3. A big difference between Juniper and Cisco is that the routing layer and management layer of the software are separated into 2 virtual instances, so if the management layer crashes routing continues and the system doesn’t crash.

Get in contact for any Juniper Requirements or just if you need some advice.