Remote Hands

LanPartsDirect Ltd offers a remote or onsite hands services to our customers. This can be smart hands which means our engineer will be able to assist with configuration and the deployment or we can offer standard remote hands which the engineer will rack and plugin equipment, they can provide remote access to the device or devices so your engineers can do the configuration themselves..

Our pricing is on a fixed price basis, we offer hourly, half days and full days of engineering time. This means that we can be flexible on what we offer to our customers.

Services that we offer are designed to make our customers day to day tasks easier, we can update hardware before it leaves our warehouse meaning your engineer’s don’t have to worry about having out of date firmware before installation. We can even offer the ability to update and install the hardware in your specified locations for a fixed price so you don’t even need to send a engineer to site.

Another option we offer is a remote configuration service, this means we can give you console access to the device and you can configure it even before it leaves our warehouse.

Download our price list below for further information and pricing.

Price List